Cape Town – 5 November 2016

Despite numerous previous articles about Roodepoort based pastor and illegal business broker,Adrian Sissing,the man who calls himself Evangelist Visioner Adrian Sissing,continues in his attempts to contact this writer,in a flaccid attempt to have the articles about him and his unregistered business brokerage,Business X Press ,removed from our news feed.

Evangelist Visioner Adrian Sissing,or Pastor Adrian Sissing as he is also known,first featured in an  article about the regulations concerning business brokers,as specified by the Estate Agency Affairs Board,which is the regulatory body for business brokers in South Africa.

To this day,Adrian Sissing,is still contacting this writer in an attempt to have the articles about his illegal business activities,in the form of Business X Press removed,using everything from blatant threats to mild persuasion,which all been in vain.

Sissing,who is a pastor at a church Roodepoort called,Evangelism For The Lord Jesus Christ,which is located in Van Wyk Street,Roodepoort,West of Johannesburg,has sent various threats and other statements to this writer via SMS since the publication of the first article and subsequent articles,with the most recent article,prior to this article, being published on.

Besides his current business,Business X Press,not being registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board,as required by legislation,Evangelist Visioner Adrian Sissing (as he calls himself) also owned an estate agency,Devon Sissing Estates,during the late 1990's,which had its fidelity fund certificate revoked,allegedly,for the misappropriation of clients funds.

By Wesley Fester

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