Cape Town – 20 December 2016

While a friend and I were enjoying a meal at The Food Inn in Long Street on Sunday evening (18 December 2016),patrons were exposed to the shocking assault of a fellow patron by a staff member of the restaurant.

While enjoying our meals on benches outside the restaurant,a worker at the restaurant approached certain patrons eating outside (most of the one’s he approached appeared to be of limited means),and told them to leave immediately,while they were still eating.

When of the patrons refused to get up,the restaurant worker proceeded to place the patron in a choke hold and started to violently assault him,to the shock and disgust of patrons who were out with their families to enjoy the start of the festive season.

Management of the restaurant watched the assault and did not reprimand or restrain their worker in anyway.When approached by me in connection with the assault,managers denied the incident and their employee denied that anyone was assaulted.

By Wesley Fester

By Wesley Fester

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