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All future articles now published in NEWS section. - 2016-09-29

All future articles will now be published here. Read our News Feed  Read Archived Articles Subscribe to our Blog/Newsletter Submit an article for publication Popular Articles: Roodepoort Pastor enages in illegal business and threats Adrian Sissing and Business X Press Pictures - Students march to Parliament fo... more

Ten must do things when visiting Cape Town - 2016-09-28

Cape Town – 28 September 2016 Images courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons The Castle of Good Hope – take the kids to this history-laden building,on the outskirts of the Cape Town CBD.The Castle of Good Hope was built in the shape of a star in the 17th century by Dutch settlers.Tourists... more

University Protests: The beautiful ones are not yet born - 2016-09-28

Cape Town - 28 September 2016 Students of this country have accomplished a lot in the last year, proudly narrowing that gap between the promise of our ideals and the reality of our time. This is exactly one of the tasks we set forth as the ANC at the beginning of this term of office – to continue the long march of those who came before ... more

Black decision makers in the SOEs under attack, who will be on their side? - 2016-09-26

Cape Town - 26 September 2016 By Nkosana Mbokane There is a general and total onslaught on most senior black decision makers and government by white monopoly capital supported by its subsidiaries and  mouthpieces their well -funded civil rights movements. The white monopoly capital and its funded propaganda machinery led by its subsid... more

It’s Heritage Day,not Braai Day. Please do not insult our heritage and our history. - 2016-09-24

Cape Town – 24 September 2016 Nothing girds me more than hearing South African’s who have no regard for other people’s culture or heritage refer to our Heritage Day as National Braai Day.It’s an insult to all South Africans,as if our entire culture and heritage can be equated with the preparation of meat over coals. He... more

Spring 2016 - Fitness Tips - 2016-09-23

My journey began when I was 15 years old.  No dreams and vision, but through some friends in the street who introduced me to a gym in a Wendy house from a neighbours back yard things changed. For some reason I never looked back. Spending every day after school including Saturday's for 3 hours every week in the gym. Gangsterism/ drugs, nega... more

Jacob Zuma: You must tell his story correctly - 2016-09-22

22 September 2016 The first time I listened to President Jacob Zuma, then the Deputy President of the Republic, he was being interviewed on the challenges of the secondary economy relative to the advanced first economy and what is needed to provide support structures for this economy to progress and begin its upward mobility into the first econo... more

Videos from #UCTshutdown - 2016-09-22

  Read our News Feed  Read Archived Articles Subscribe to our Blog/Newsletter Submit an article for publication Popular Articles: Roodepoort Pastor enages in illegal business and threats Adrian Sissing and Business X Press Pictures - Students march to Parliament for #MTBS2016 & #FeesMu... more

What students involved in #FeesMustFall can learn from the students of ’76 and the UDF. - 2016-09-21

Cape Town – 21 September 2016 The Bantu Education Act of 1953 was the fuel for a country wide blaze that eventually led to the now infamous photograph, of a gunned down Hector Pietersen being carried through the blood soaked streets of Soweto on June 16,1976. The Bantu Education Act enforced the apartheid principles of racial segregatio... more

#Fees2017 – UCT students against recommended 8% increase - 2016-09-20

Cape Town – 20 September 2016 UCT students gathered from 6am outside the Tugwell bus station on the lower campus,in order to mobilise behind their demands for a #UCTshutdown. Protesting students declared that they would bring the institution to a standstill if their demands were not met. The protesting students capsized a few bins and a... more

Is Blade Nzimande ready for #FeesMustFall2016 ? - 2016-09-19

Cape Town – 19 September 2016 SACP ( South African Communist Party) leader and Higher Education Minister,Blade Nzimade,must be hard pressed in still identifying himself as a socialist in light of his distancing himself from the plight of students embroiled in the #FeesMustFall campaign. Nzimande today announced that it would be up to ac... more

Cape Town Marathon gets off to enthusiastic start - 2016-09-18

Cape Town – 18 September 2016 More than 10 000 participants took to the streets of the Mother City for the 2016 Cape Town Marathon. #CTmarathon has been trending on twitter for the past two hours as thousands of vehicles tried to make their way to the starting point at Green Point Stadium.People started arriving at the starting poi... more

Illegal business brokers are not entitled to earn commission - 2016-09-15

Cape Town – 15 September 2016 The buying and selling of businesses is very intricate and detailed,with a minefield of legislation governing the contractual obligations between the buyer and seller.In many cases the sale will be finalised by a business broker who is regulated in terms of the Estate Agency Affairs Board Act.Such broker is re... more

SAA and Comair – the worst airlines in South Africa. - 2016-09-14

Cape Town – 14 September 2016 As a divorced father living in a different city to my minor son,I have the unfortunate displeasure of having to deal with SAA and British Airways operated by Comair on an all too regular basis.They are the only two airlines who offer flights for unaccompanied minors. Single parents like myself are faced wit... more

The two BEST burgers in Cape Town under R100.00 - 2016 Review - 2016-09-14

Cape Town – 14 September 2016 The process of reviewing burgers is not an easy one (I hear those sniggers!).We approached more than 20 restaurants in Cape Town as part of this review.We excluded fast food places such as Steers and Mcdonalds (I was not in the mood to eat paper with a dash of ketchup).Admittedly I enjoy the double chilli-chee... more

Why every small business needs a digital marketing expert - 2016-09-14

Cape Town – 14 September 2016 As the world turns more and more to technology,it has become extremely important for small business owners to be guide through the maze of digital marketing options available. Digital marketing is about more than just having a Facebook page and a website for your business.It’s about adopting a holisti... more

American preacher Steven Anderson denied entry into South Africa - 2016-09-13

Cape Town – 13 September 2016 Controversial American preacher,Steven Anderson,has been denied entry into South Africa by the Department of Home Affairs,headed by Minister Malusi Gigaba. The LGBT community were in uproar about Anderson entering South Africa,because of his homophobic statement and preaching.Anderson planned to visit South... more

South Africans celebrate the life of Steve Biko - 2016-09-12

Cape Town – 12 September 2016 Today 39 years ago,Black Consciousness leader Steve Biko was killed in police custody.A then unknown journalist ,Helen Zille,broke the story of police complicity in the death of Biko.Zille was at the time a journalist with the Rand Daily Mail under editor Allister Sparks. Some famous quotes by Steve Biko; ... more

Jacob Zuma has paid back the money for Nkandla - 2016-09-12

Cape Town – 12 September 2016 The treasury has confirmed that President Jacob Zuma has paid back the R7.8 million,which was the cost determined by treasury for the non-security upgrades at his private homestead Nkandla. There are reports that a bond was raised from VBS Mutual Bank.VBS is one of the few lenders that will provide bond fin... more

New Public Protector Announced,Despite Opposition By DA - 2016-09-07

Cape Town - 7 September 2016 Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane received a total of 263 votes in the National Assembly,pushing her appointment as the next Public Protector,to succeed the incumbent Thuli Madonsela. A minimum of 240 out of 400 votes to approve the appointment of the new Public Protector.There were 79 votes against,with 1 abstention.On... more

Allegations of racism and victimisation at Holy Cross High in Maitland - 2016-09-07

Cape Town - 7 September 2016 Allegations of language based discrimination rumoured to be happening at Holy Cross High in Maitland have emerged on social media. The principal,Mr Fouche,claims that students implemented the punitive policy themselves more than 12 years and that it does not form part of the school’s code of conduct.When app... more

Be wary of unregistered estate agents - 2016-09-06

Cape Town – 6 September 2016 Since 2010 the South African estate agency industry has gone through a not so smooth sailing period of transformation.As with any period of transformation,it leaves those who refuse to conform eating dust. There are severe consequences for consumers and property owners who choose to transact with an unregist... more

San Souci students demand transparency,then ask media to leave. - 2016-09-05

Cape Town – 5 September 2016 San Souci Girls High School in Newlands,Cape Town,which has seen protesting students come out and denounce what they claim is racial victimisation by the principal,Charmaine Murray,and other members of staff at the school,held a meeting with parents,learners and representatives of the Western Cape Education Dep... more

Two San Souci Teachers Speak Out Anonymously About Racsim At The School - 2016-09-04

*The identities of these teachers are known to SA News Blog. We have decided to not disclose their identities in order to protect them from harassment and victmisation. Cape Town - 4 September 2016 Teacher #1 : I have debated with myself all day as to whether or not I should mail you, but I believe there are certain things that should be s... more

Mitchells Plain CBD vs Cape Town CBD – the tale of two cities - 2016-09-03

Cape Town – 3 September 2016 I grew up in Mitchells Plain,most of my pre-teen memories are deeply rooted there.Mitchells Plain was created as a “model dormitory suburb” after the apartheid regime decided to relocate the victims of the oppressive Group Areas Act.It was used as a dumping ground for victims of forced relocations,a... more

How #blackhairmatters links to the legacy of Mandela and the Freedom Charter - 2016-09-03

Cape Town – 1 September 2016 As the South African democracy matures and settles into a sense of political and social comfort,more and more we have to look back to the past for answers.During the #FeesMustFall uprising during October 2015,students that were born after the dawn of democracy,suddenly became acutely aware of the political prom... more

San Souci students hand over memorandum of grievances. - 2016-09-03

Cape Town - 3 September 2016 Read the memorandum that was formally handed over to the Western Cape Education Department today at the school. Read our News Feed  Read Archived Articles Subscribe to our Blog/Newsletter Submit an article for publication Popular Articles: Roodepoort Pastor enages in illegal business ... more

San Souci Protests – Summary of the day’s events -2 September 2016 - 2016-09-02

  Cape Town – 2 September 2016 As the #blackhairmatters campaign developed full steam at the well-known San Souci Girls High School in Newlands today,learners stood their ground in their battle against what they claim is strong arm tactics by the school to subdue them and undermine their valid protests. Learners,parents and ... more

Western Cape Education MEC meets with San Souci Learners and Parents - 2016-09-02

Cape Town – 2 September 2016 Western Cape Education MEC,Debbie Schafer,met with learners and parents as well as other stakeholders late this afternoon to address the concerns of parents and learners,as a result of the claims of racism and victimisation of students by the principal and other staff which arose this week. Schafer was calle... more

#SanSousi learners stop principal from leaving - 2016-09-02

Cape Town – 2 September 2016 Learners from the San Sousi Girls High School in Newlands marched at 12pm from the Newlands pool to the school a few hundred metres away.They intended handing over a memorandum of grievances to the school principal,Charmaine Murray,who refused to receive the memorandum from the protesting students.The learners ... more

The limitations of People of Colour - 2016-09-01

It has been a year since student activism reignited. Campus was finally filled with the discourse and activism that my parents' experienced when they were students. They are always eager when the discussion of student activism is raised. Passionately they speak about the dedication and determination that went into rallies, protests and sit-ins.... more

#SansSouci learners speak out anonymously - #blackhairmatters - 2016-09-01

These are emails gathered from current learners by ex students of San Souci who are now protesting against the race and hair based victimisation of black learners at the school. The ex learners have united in support of the current learners under the banner #thetruthwewillproclaim . Anonymous #1 Last year in Grade 11 Ms Edna Swart tormented u... more

Former Sans Souci learner speaks out - #Blackhairmatters - 2016-08-31

#TheTruthWeWillProclaim   A few years ago I was at a particular school situated in Newlands Cape Town. At this school I partook in swimming which occurred every second day. This then resulted in me wetting my hair in between the two days as I would swim the next day again and my hair would get wet, so why wash it. Let me also say t... more

Sans Souci Girls High in Cape Town joins in support of #Blackhairmatters - 2016-08-31

Cape Town – 31 August 2016 Girls at the prestigious Sans Souci Girls High School in Newlands, Cape Town ,have started speaking out against various forms of discrimination directed at mostly black girls at the institution. Learners affected by the discrimination claim they too can identify with the many aspects of discrimination that cam... more

South Africa needs a new type of leadership - 2016-08-31

Cape Town – 31 August 2016 After 22 years of constitutional democracy, have we found our democratic feet? Or are South Africans calling for a renewal in the type of leadership they require? After the ANC lost control of 3 major metros on the 3rd of August,this question of leadership is even more relevant. For a ruling party that has nev... more

Sotheby’s Realty CEO Jason Rohde granted R1.1 million bail - 2016-08-30

Cape Town – 30 August 2016 Jason Rohde,the CEO of Sothebys’s Realty,who is accused of murdering his wife Susan at the luxurious Spier Wine Estate has now been granted bail by the Stellenbosch Magistrates Court. Rohde was arrested last week at his home in Bryanston, in Johannessburg ,and transported to Cape Town by car.He was arres... more

Why white people will never understand our concerns - 2016-08-30

Cape Town – 30 August 2016 In a country such as South Africa,which still finds itself grappling with a legacy of forced segregation,there cannot be any real transformation,when the very people who oppressed us have now appointed themselves as the arbiters of our collective struggle. Whenever pertinent social issues are discussed,those i... more

Hair protests now hits school in Port Elizabeth - 2016-08-30

Cape Town – 30 August 2016 The protest that affected Pretoria Girls High has now spread to a school in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.Lawson Brown High School reportedly did not want black students to start writing their exams if they did not “relax” their hair. Students at the school started protesting and the school st... more

Furious client SLAMS Volkswagen - 2016-08-30

I bought a brand new vehicle from VW Claremont less than 2 years ago, POLO TSI 1.2 Trendline.   The past weekend, out of nowhere my car abandoned me,the car wouldn't go into gear. I had the car moved to Barons Bellville by VW road side assist which went smoothly, the trouble followed after.   Firstly, i couldn't even g... more

Why the Domestic Violence Act is the worst piece of legislation in South Africa - 2016-08-29

Cape Town – 29 August 2016 Domestic violence is a serious and wide spread crime in South Africa,affecting both black and white,and rich and poor.The way in which the legislation that seeks to prevent and control domestic violence is administered,has resulted in not only abuse of the courts but also in contravening the very spirit in which ... more

Is 2016 the year of the racist? - 2016-08-29

2016 by all accounts can be called the “Year of the Racist”. We started the year with Penny Sparrow calling black people monkeys. Then there were people like Nicole De Klerk,Matt Theunissen and Vicki Momberg.Even some famous names were caught with their hands in the racist cookie jar,namely economist Chris Hart and media personality Gar... more

Pretoria Girls High – proof that racism is still alive. - 2016-08-29

The furore around the treatment of young black girls with regards to their hair is continuing to dominate social media timelines with reports of university students,parents and other supporters having joined the protest against the harassment of these young girls,who’s only fault seems to be the fact that they were not born with a different t... more

Is DA Ward 60 Councillor Mark Kleinscmidt the “action man” he claims to be? - 2016-08-29

*This post was originally published on a Facebook Page on 20 August 2016 On Wednesday the 27th of July 2016,a week before our local government elections,residents were invited to a public meeting at the Vera Home that falls within the boundaries of Ward 60 in Cape Town’s plush area of Rondebosch East.Residents had the opportunity to questi... more

ANC Must preserve its great legacy of #BlackExcellency by carrying on - 2016-08-29

Cape Town - 29 August 2016 When we say that Madiba was an ANC member, we are not saying that to reduce his great legacy, we are saying that to show that the ANC is capable of remarkable things. When we say that Thabo Mbeki  is an ANC member in good standing we are not saying that to claim his continental vision of African renewal, we are sa... more

Tribute to a life long pigeon man - 2016-08-29

Tribute to a life long pigeon man No two human beings have made, or ever will make, exactly the same journey in life. The same events may occur, but their sequence and combination cannot be the same. Every human life is a unique adventure. Only a few are free to select their paths and choose those that yield the richest harvests of experience. S... more

Mother of bullying victim becomes anti-bullying activist - 2016-08-29

I am Beverley Davids the founder on Chauncey's Epic Anti-Bullying Campaign NPO in memory of my late son Chauncey Davids. Chauncey was badly Bullied in 2012. His bullying saga was reported to his teacher, principle, SAPS and Metro South Education District but no one knew how to help Chauncey. By October 2012 we decided to remove Chauncey from sc... more

The Democratic Alliance and its puppets - 2016-08-29

*this article was originally posted on another blog Cape Town – 1 December 2015 Today the Democratic Alliance (DA),brought its cheap political tactics to the provincial headquarters of the ruling party of South Africa,the African National Congress (ANC).As with every dog and pony show,that has become the generally accepted modus operand... more

Pretoria Girls High School – back to the pencil test - 2016-08-29

Cape Town – 29 August 2016 Pretoria Girls High School today finds itself in the midst of a social media frenzy around #stopracismpretoriagirlshigh which is now trending. Black learners at the school are protesting ,claiming they are discriminated against by staff and management of the school due to them not being allowed to wear their h... more

Is The Democratic Alliance the Titanic of South African politics? - 2016-08-29

Cape Town – 29 August 2016 As the RMS Titanic made its maiden voyage,bound for New York from Southampton,departing on 10 April 1912,it was hailed as the world’s first “unsinkable” ship.The word “unsinkable” proved to be an unfortunate choice for both the spin doctors and the shipping line that owned the Titani... more

My Cape Town - a poem by the Dean of St George's Cathedral - 2016-08-29

My Cape Town (Africa Day, May 25) My Cape Town is not an African city. Like Joburg. Dakar. Like Abidjan or Cairo.   It is African. Like Mannenburg; Like a bullet-borne message from the Motherland of dread   to the mansions on caviar hill, saying, "We are here. You can't forget us."   ... more

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