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The Democratic Alliance and its puppets

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Cape Town – 1 December 2015

Today the Democratic Alliance (DA),brought its cheap political tactics to the provincial headquarters of the ruling party of South Africa,the African National Congress (ANC).As with every dog and pony show,that has become the generally accepted modus operandi of the Democrats as they now have taken to calling themselves.As in every dog and pony show,you have the star performer,who is walked into the parade grounds,in order to be an example of the best that breed has to offer.The Democrats did this magnificently,in the form of their quaintly entertaining councillor,Mark Kleinschmidt.

Kleinschmidt was wheeled in to be the DA’s prized performer for the day.As with all entertainers,which is all Kleinschmidt can really claim to be for the DA,he did the job really well with absolutely no regard for the consequences of his very public claims and grand standing.Mr Kleinschmidt’s favorite words for the day were: Sies,Cronyism and Gangsters.The first two words are going to prove very unfortunate for the DA’s unofficial Director of Entertainment. 

I have known Mr Kleinschmidt since my childhood,as he taught at my primary school,Duneside Primary in Mitchells Plain in the mid 80’s. He was also a master of ceremonies at various community sponsored functions my late father was involved with during the 90’s. My most recent dealings with Mr Kleinschmidt was at my primary school reunion and then we sort of bumped into each other at a local Mcdonalds.I’m getting ahead of myself,we will come back to the last meeting a bit later on.

Mr Kleinschmidt I noticed today during the protest at the ANC headquarters,seems very able at riling up the DA crowds with unfounded and cheap political rhetoric.Like any well paid court jester,he needs to maintain the favour of his lord and masters or mistresses as may be the case within the DA.

Mr Kleinschmidt’s and the DA’s allegations that President Zuma met with gangsters,has not been substantiated with one stitch of proof.The only proof the councillor could offer was an enlarged copy of a front page story run in the Mail & Guardian. The M&G as a source of credible news is as reliable as a one legged pony.For all intents and purposes the M&G has become a DA party flyer.

Let’s however come back to two of the favorite words used today by Mr Kleinschmidt.I shall deal firstly with “cronyism”. Mr Kleinschmidt accuses the ANC of large scale cronyism and corruption,claiming the DA will put a stop to all corruption,in its imagined march to power in the Union Buildings.I think the esteemed councillor doth protest too much.During our last accidental meeting,Mr Kleinschmidt explained to me how he had been parachuted into a position within the DA.During a period of unemployment,he had made overtures to the provincial leadership of the ANC,to offer him a substantive position within the organisation.After many failed attempts to establish high level contacts within the ANC,he claims he then approached the DA,in order to alleviate his dwindling financial position at the time.In his own admission to me,Kleinschmidt claims he does not necessarily agree with the policies and principles of De Lille,Zille or the DA for that matter,but had to take up a position within the DA as he had bills to pay.So in effect,Mr Kleinschmidt vociferously opposes ANC “cronyism” because he was unable to gain any personal benefits from the very organisation he now opposes.Is that what you call political integrity Mr Kleinschmidt?

Kleinschmidt called the ANC a party of gangsters.It seems he has forgotten,that one of his own party,pleaded to a local court in mitigation of sentence for a convicted gangster recently.Need I remind you sir when you call the ANC a party of gangsters,you are also referring to the ANC of: Luthuli,Tambo,Sisulu,Kathrada,Mbeki and many others,who spent years incarcerated and in exile,to fight for the very freedom of speech you now enjoy.I advise you to use those freedoms responsibly.Do not try and tarnish the legacy of men,whos shoes you are not worthy to polish.

The other word so generously utilised by the entertaining councillor was “sies”.This is a general Afrikaans term to indicate disgust.Councillor Kleinschmidt,to you I say “sies”.Sies for: selling out your people,selling out the struggle of all oppressed on the Cape Flats and elsewhere,for selling out your integrity for a pay cheque.

By Wesley Fester

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