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Tribute to a life long pigeon man

Tribute to a life long pigeon man

No two human beings have made, or ever will make, exactly the same journey in life. The same events may occur, but their sequence and combination cannot be the same. Every human life is a unique adventure. Only a few are free to select their paths and choose those that yield the richest harvests of experience. Such was the life of my dear friend, Reggie Fester.

I have had the privilege and honour of spending the last 20 years with Reggie… being involved in what we both love … that is … FANCY PIGEONS. In 2007 we established the NATIONAL FANCY PIGEON ASSOCIATION in SA. Reggie was one of the first members to affiliate to our organisation. He first represented our organisation as its PRO and then progressed to what he loved most…Pigeons and Children. He took on the phenomenal task of taking our Sport to our Schools. Reggie ran our School’s Programme with determination and success. He received accolades from teachers and Principals, but what was most fulfilling to him was to see the joy and amazement on the faces of our young children. It was Reggie’s efforts with the School’s Programme in the first two years of the NFPA that won the WP FANCY PIGEON FEDERATION its highest accolade. We beat WP Rugby, WP Cricket, and 72 other Sports Codes in the Western Cape to become the FEDERATION OF THE YEAR.

Over the last 9 years Reggie, tirelessly, supported Pigeon Shows across South Africa and especially in the Western Cape … from Athlone Civic, Parow Civic, to the V & A Waterfront, to Vangate Mall, to Malmesbury, Mooreessburg and Tulbagh, and to Rocklands Civic in Mitchell’s Plain. In 2011 the Department of Culture and Sport recognized Reggie by giving him a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for SPORT. In 2013, 6 members of our SPORTS CODE had the distinct honour of receiving SPORTS greatest recognition … NATIONAL COLOURS for a SPORT he so dearly loved. Reggie was one of the recipients. I will never forget how Reggie, Donald and I, travelled from Cape Town to Pretoria, through the night to be present to receive our National Colours. That June in 2013, at our NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW, we received our Green & Gold Blazers. This was the ultimate and irrefutable recognition of his success for a Sport he loved so dearly. In 2014 Reggie was nominated Vice-President of the WP FANCY PIGEON FEDERATION.

His life epitomizes the glory of love and friendship despite many personal challenges and hardships. The bounty of Reggie’s love for all of God’s creatures and plants defies the written word. And to have embraced Reggie’s friendship is to have warmed one’s hands at the central fire of life. Reggie had a solution to any ailment a pigeon may have suffered from and was always willing to share this knowledge. With the passing of Reggie, despite its pain and heartache, we as his family and friends emerge with a sense that we have lived intimately with, and near, a great man, and saw how he served humanity with unselfish decorum. As I look back and think of Reggie … a smile comes to my face. This reflects a sense of fellowship and passion that Reggie brought to all of us in the NFPA.

May God, in his infinite mercy grant you peace and comfort. May God bring a sense of acceptance and understanding to his wife Hilliary, his sister Vicky Murphy, his son Wesley, his grandson Ethan, the rest of the family and all those close and dear to Reggie. His passing will leave a huge loss and sadness within all of us, but our precious memories of him will live on in our hearts forever.

Go well my friend.

Rest in Peace.

By Yassiem Khan 

* The Western Cape Provincial Government under the auspices of the Western Province Sports Council,posthumously,included Reggie Fester in their 2015 Roll of Honour,in a lavish awards ceremony,attended by numerous sporting dignitaries,in December 2015.

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