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Furious client SLAMS Volkswagen

I bought a brand new vehicle from VW Claremont less than 2 years ago, POLO TSI 1.2 Trendline.
The past weekend, out of nowhere my car abandoned me,the car wouldn't go into gear. I had the car moved to Barons Bellville by VW road side assist which went smoothly, the trouble followed after.
Firstly, i couldn't even get a loan car out of them (VW CLAREMONT, where i bought the car), their excuse "Courtesy cars need to be booked 5 weeks in advance" as if I knew a brand new car I bought from them would break down 5 weeks in advance!
Secondly, main issue here, Barons Bellville gets back to me and says that even though the car is under warranty, I NEED TO FOOT THE BILL as it broke in a certain place and they cannot claim for it.
I am shocked at the after service and absolute lack of service over all to their clients.
A car i bought out of the box, breaks down to no fault of my own, full service history by Barons Bellville, less than 45 000km's on the clock and i need to foot the bill!!! 
Unacceptable, I've been left carless and disgusted, I will not be footing this bill and VW WILL resolve this issue or they can fetch their car at Barons, because I for one do not want it!!
Outraged Client
Leshay Williams

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