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American preacher Steven Anderson denied entry into South Africa

Cape Town – 13 September 2016

Controversial American preacher,Steven Anderson,has been denied entry into South Africa by the Department of Home Affairs,headed by Minister Malusi Gigaba.

The LGBT community were in uproar about Anderson entering South Africa,because of his homophobic statement and preaching.Anderson planned to visit South Africa on an evangelical crusade.Both Anderson and the members of his church have been declared as “undesirable persons” and are prohibited from entering South Africa.Anderson sent out a statement saying he felt sorry for the people of South Africa.Minister Gigaba said that Anderson’s application will only be reconsidered if he publicly repents.

Afrikaans singer,Steve Hofmeyr,apologised to Anderson on Twitter.Hofmeyr famously declared that black people were responsible for Apartheid.He then got into as Twitter spit with comedian Conrad Koch and his puppet Chester Missing.Hofmeyr is the first person in South Africa to have taken a puppet to court.

This is what Twitter users had to say about #StevenAnderson:

By Wesley Fester


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