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Why every small business needs a digital marketing expert

Cape Town – 14 September 2016

As the world turns more and more to technology,it has become extremely important for small business owners to be guide through the maze of digital marketing options available.

Digital marketing is about more than just having a Facebook page and a website for your business.It’s about adopting a holistic and open ended strategy to market your business and its products on all digital and social media platforms.

Some of the basic things that small and medium business owners need to consider when implementing a digital marketing strategy is:

  • Website – your website needs to have all the essential pages,those pages need to be properly titled and keyworded.Your website also needs to be mobile responsive across all platforms and devices.
  • Content creation – exciting and relevant content needs to be added to your website on an on-going business.The content needs to be key word rich entice web traffic.Web traffic results in leads,which in turn can be converted into sales.
  • Email marketing – your website should have an option whereby visitors can subscribe to your mailing list/newsletter.Email marketing is still one of the cheapest and most effective digital marketing options available to all businesses.
  • Blogging – blogging is the heart and soul of modern marketing. A great blog will attract and generate on-going web traffic.Sometimes it pays to rather employ a professional blogger or copywriter to do this on your behalf
  • Social Media – social media marketing on its own will not produce any real results.Many small businesses get their social media strategy wrong because all they doing is constantly promoting only their products and or services and not other enticing content to their pages.

A professional digital marketing expert will be able to assist and guide you through everything from web designing and copywriting to social media consulting.Most web designers will provide services to create relevant content on your website which will help generate on-going traffic to your website and other digital platforms.

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By Wesley Fester

Wesley Fester is a leading digital marketing,web design and ecommerce expert and also the editor of SA News Blog.


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