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The two BEST burgers in Cape Town under R100.00 - 2016 Review

Cape Town – 14 September 2016

The process of reviewing burgers is not an easy one (I hear those sniggers!).We approached more than 20 restaurants in Cape Town as part of this review.We excluded fast food places such as Steers and Mcdonalds (I was not in the mood to eat paper with a dash of ketchup).Admittedly I enjoy the double chilli-cheese burgers at Burger King from time to time.

The only rule we had for selection of the burger was: it was not to cost more than R100.00 inclusive of all optional extras and toppings.

Our initial preference was to select one burger only,however,in the end we chose two for the following reasons: 1. A great burger 2. An absolutely great burger experience.

Our two choices for best burger in Cape Town under R100.00 is……..(Drums Roll): The  Player (burger patty with streaky bacon,Feta and Avo) at Hudson’s in Claremont and at Franky’s in Seapoint we were blown away by the single beef burger with mushroom sauce and jalapenos.

Hudson’s (Claremont) – Review


The other burger at Hudson’s that we reviewed and would highly recommend is The Shroom (cheddar cheese and creamy mushroom sauce) which also comes in at under R100.00.We recommend these two burgers with the Hudson’s Pale Ale,which is their in-house craft beer brand.

I wouldn’t say the place is entirely child friendly but it has a great atmosphere for lunch meetings and after work drinks.Happy hour is from 16h30 – 18h30,with half price specials on draught beers,cocktails and appetisers.

Hudson’s also have a Burger of The Month Special – recommendations are taken from customers as to what burger is to be offered as a special in the following month.

Average spend to have a meal and at least two alcoholic drinks or soft drinks – R150.00 per head.Patrons will love the milkshakes on offer - we had the Oreo milkshake.

Jonathan,the manager of Hudson’s Claremont,was quite friendly and engaging.He really impressed us with his knowledge of the food industry.He seems to take client’s concerns seriously and invites honest criticism with a view to offering the client an improved service and a free meal on the next visit,in order to allay any future mishaps.

Hudson’s opens at 12h00 and serves liquor until 23h00 every day.There is also free wi-fi.

Hudson's Claremont Contact Details:
021 674 5152


Franky’s Diner (Seapoint) – Review


Franky’s Diner is a partnership between Saul Beder (previous owner of Saul’s) and Franklyn Arendse.They have really put a lot of effort into creating an old-style American diner with a 50’s feel.

We arrived at Franky’s on a Saturday (10 September) at midday,just in time to watch some of the Australia vs South Africa rugby match.The venue has flat screen tv’s at most of the tables or within visible range of almost all the tables.

I had a single burger patty with bacon and cheese sauce as a topping.My colleague had a single patty with garlic sauce and jalapenos.The burgers are also available with double and triple patty options.

A real treat were the curly American-style fries which are served in red baskets just like in the movies.Everything at Franky’s is about maintaining an old style feel,transporting diners back to the 50’s,with portraits celebrities from yesteryear. This is really a place where slicked back hair and blue suede shoes would not be out of place.

The milkshakes at Franky’s are a living testimony to sensory and taste overload.We were treated to the Ferrero Rocher and the Oreo milkshakes as a parting gift by Franklyn.They also offer “Naughty Milkshakes” which are “mouthgasmic” milkshakes with alcoholic mixers added to it.

For the super-brave they of the “Chubby Burger” special for R250.00.This is a humongous burger with 6 burger patties,bacon,cheese and other delights on it and stands about 30cm high.This item is FREE – if you finish it under 10 minutes.

Franky’s runs 24 hours a day and it has a fully stocked bar.

Kids under 12 eat free from 12h00 to 20h00,from Monday to Thursday.On Thursday evenings patrons can enjoy a karaoke experience,and on Fridays they have an Elvis impersonator entertain the patrons.

Franky’s is also available for groups and corporate bookings.

Franky’s Contact Details:

Tel: (021) 433-0445
Address: 303 Main Road, Sea Point, Cape Town


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