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Spring 2016 - Fitness Tips

My journey began when I was 15 years old.  No dreams and vision, but through some friends in the street who introduced me to a gym in a Wendy house from a neighbours back yard things changed. For some reason I never looked back. Spending every day after school including Saturday's for 3 hours every week in the gym. Gangsterism/ drugs, negativity, positivity and heavy criticism were strong at that time, and having no father around, the struggle was seriously real.At a young age learningtoo;  stand on my own.TODAY, in a big blessed, powerful way! It's paying off.

Health and FITNESS has kept me going through life, in a very significant way it inspired me to stay focused and to become open minded. Too apply goals and believe in yourself to think further than just now, but especially for tomorrow or the future.Health, fitness and nutrition area powerful force that produces life span. It prevents you from many illnesses, especially chronic symptoms and much more, especially in this time and age.I would like to urge the whole of South Africa every family to,  watch how we feed our kids carefully, as the most simple chocolate, cool drink, chips or best fatty foods we like to spoil ourselves and kids with, could possibly cost them your life. Stress, depression, diseases are all signs of lack of exercise and looking after your health.

It's important that when you attend gym, to go find out what does my body requires instead of, what I like to do at the gym. Your blood pressure, your resting pulse, your training heart rate, the body fat weight and fitness tests has to be checked regularly,   as it will encourage you to always want to better your health and your body, as time these days are precious.

THE SEASON OF SPRING is here! Meaning the beautiful days are close by and more people catch a wakeup call, to all off a sudden want to go back to the gym, remembering I have a contract at virgin active so I need to get my figure in shape for summer... times have change as I have just mentioned, health fitness exercise nutrition should not be a seasonal thing but a lifestyle for as long as its required. The gym unfortunately these days plays a major role in your life as it prevents heart attacks strokes and much more illness because of proper of blood circulation running through our veins daily. That’s where exercise comes in to allow blood flow,   to run normal through our veins and also keeps on strengthening your heart your bones and increases your health in every way.

The festive season is around the corner again and we all know the festive season we all on holiday we don’t really care about the gym the eating habits in any way. But because we in the festive spirit, healthy living becomes very, very from the mind. 1 mistake for  too much wrong eating can diagnosed for a very long time of high blood pressure for almost forever until you decide to allow yourself taking the stand to better your life for healthy living and taking it 1 step at a time.

Ladies and gents it's the year 2016 and times have change.  Having to eat what we always wanting to eat can create huge problems for our health and our lives.

Stay focus stay healthy and enjoy a long life choosing a healthy lifestyle!

By Reemay Damons 


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