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Black decision makers in the SOEs under attack, who will be on their side?

Cape Town - 26 September 2016

By Nkosana Mbokane

There is a general and total onslaught on most senior black decision makers and government by white monopoly capital supported by its subsidiaries and  mouthpieces their well -funded civil rights movements.

The white monopoly capital and its funded propaganda machinery led by its subsidiaries the civil rights movements supported by the white dominated media and buoyed by opposition is running a covert operation to tell South Africans that anything black is corrupt and incompetent, with the intention of turning black voters against the only hope of the people, the ANC.

Those that are changing the lives of black people, pushing real transformation and are doing a really good job will be targeted. Brian Molefe, Tom Moyane,  Gengezi Mgidlana, Siyabonga Gama, Dudu Myeni, even Hlaudi Moetsoneng with his imperfections. There are others who have succumbed to this onslaught like Pansy Tlakula, Bheki Cele, Robert McBride, Riah Phiyega and others all incredible administrators, highly competent, highly transformational but painted as devils breaking the system.

The government was forced through courts or the media onslaught to turn against them and to remove them from office. This is to ensure that outside of government they become enemies, and such enmity will always manifest itself within the ANC, because they are all ANC members and comrades. Look at ALL major government entities and departments and the black senior administrators running them, all of those people are either under attack or have been under attack and they are ALL black, capable and competent executives.

Why are these black boards of directors, CEOs, senior executives, administrators under so much attack? Well its simple, they are violently rocking the boat. They are touching a raw nerve in these organizations by changing years of white minority control that is rooted in these institutions.

They are reversing years of white management domination in these institutions developed during years of apartheid, and they are transforming and exposing systemic corruption that has been taking place in these institutions for decades. So those within these institutions who are affected and who refuse to accept change will leak important information to the opposition, the media and whoever else can listen.

This, so that the attention moves away from them , but to the black senior leaders. It’s a concerted effort to keep the control of these institutions in their hands and fight transformation.

In SAA the majority of pilots are white and they will fight if this is changed, in Eskom the majority of senior managers and Engineers are  white and they are fighting to keep it that way, in Transnet/Prasa majority of train drivers and other critical staff are all white, in the IEC, Hawks, SAPS, SA Navy, SANDF, SA Air Force, Telkom, ALL strategic SOEs or strategic government department divisions are still 22 years after democracy dominated by whites in all its management structures, this continues to benefit white monopoly capital.

The black government led by the ANC provides more employment to people who are very much likely to vote for the DA. This is while those who are likely to vote for the ANC languish in extreme poverty. Both white monopoly capital and the majority of the white population currently working in government will fight tooth until broken nail to ensure the status quo remains because they are the economic beneficiaries of it.

If they can constantly ensure that every black senior executive trying to change things are painted as incompetent, corrupt and the government removes them from their role they win and the status quo remains.

The reason all the big state entities and government departments have not transformed is because our political leaders have constantly fallen for this trick by those opposed to transformation.

How many senior executives have been forced out by the white media and opposition , particularly those opposed to transformation ,like the DA and white monopoly capital funded civil rights movements, making  noises before they finish their transformational work and their contract in organizations like SAA, SABC, and Eskom.

During apartheid years CEOs in these organizations would  stay for many years, because there was harmony of ideas and unity of purpose by the minority which was to oppress black people and to give each other economic power.

Since 1994, if you look at the history of black leadership in this institution it is not pleasing because there is a serious war going on there. All those senior executives have been victims of the war for change and transformation and they have been trying to stop serving the minority but to start serving the majority. Their efforts cut short by those opposing transformation.

To the outside world it looks like black executives just cannot keep a job in government, as  the media sells the story that they are incompetent and corrupt. Those who have stayed for their full contract are very few and it is because they did not rock the boat. The minority who are holding the majority of  power in these institutions now uses civil rights movements as their mouthpiece.

This white sponsored and backed civil rights movements, pays blacks to be their faces in heading the demonizing of other black professionals and the black government, so that they can say their own black people are the ones criticising them. These covert civil right movements with black hired guns uses the unlimited access they have to the media to ensure that their black hired guns destroy and fight their own black brothers and sisters. White monopoly capital is using the same apartheid strategy they perfected during apartheid years of divide and rule, and the most idiotic intelligent and qualified blacks in their midst falls for it. In worst case scenarios ,white monopoly capital uses our current and former political leaders some of which are board members or/and shareholders in the white owned businesses to give credibility to their attacks.

Covert operations ,using blacks against black, comrades against comrades, to destroy black pride, talent and force the delay of economic transformation. Planting distrust, amongst blacks. In order to, put brakes to economic transformation.

Where do all these hundreds of hugely rich civil right movements, some of which are headed by foreigners from the USA, UK , getting their funding to constantly take the government to court for every single decision taken? The government, cannot get to govern, because they spend months and millions of rands defending their decisions.

The modern apartheid covert operations, driven by the civil rights movements ,who have unlimited funds to hire researchers, investigators, senior white legal counsel to ensure the government is not able to transform the economy of the country, they ensure that they use the very same constitution we all fought for to render the country ungovernable.

This is because they ensured during CODESA and other pre-1994 negotiations that the minority rights to own the economy and land were enshrined in the constitution. Every single regulation passed as long as it threatens to empower the poor black masses, and reverse the minority control of the economy and land is opposed.  

Black businesses are also under attack, when a black business gets a tender from government a derogatory term of tenderpreneurs has been coined to define black businesses who get government contracts by defining it as corruption. They want to discourage black businesses and entrepreneurs from, doing business with government.

Yet, the greatest tenderpreneurs is that very white monopoly capitalalists. Most of the mega government tenders are won not by black owned companies but by white owned companies. Most of them who are corrupt to the core, steal government tenders through fronting, bribes and so on. No one says anything when a UK white owned Vodacom wins a billion odd rands tender from government. If it was a black owned company this would have made headlines for years until government cancels the tender.

To my black comrades, brothers and sisters leading the government institutions including the SOEs, l say continue to violently and unapologetically rock the boat until it changes course to the benefit of the black poor majority.

To the political leaders continue to support those you appointed into power if they are delivering to the majority of our people. I call on all progressive politicians to be courageous and vigilant when it comes to the laws they are passing.

Laws you are passing so far are destroying the hopes of the black poor majority because they are entrenching the current status quo, where the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes even poorer.

Look at the FICA bill amendments that parliament approved!! The amendments basically gives a bank manager absolute authority to control, monitor and even freeze your bank account (politicians and those linked to them ONLY what the bill calls the PEPs & PIPs)  if the bank manager suspects there are illicit transactions taking place in your account. Now how can a national assembly in its rightful mind give so much power to bank managers over their bank accounts?

This but one example of our political leaders giving control to forces that one day could be leaking their bank accounts details to the media and the civil right movements, because they have given those banks absolute control and open access over their monies.

The country will never transform if our political leaders passes legislations like this. The economy will remain in the hands of the minority because besides having money they have laws backing them to control the economy, laws passed by those who should be ensuring such laws favour the poor black majority.

Aluta continua!!!

Forward with the transformation off ALL SOEs!!!!

Forward with radical economic transformation forward!!!

Nkosana Mbokane, is the Provincial Chairperson of the Progressive Professionals Forum Western Cape (PPF-WC).


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